Monday, August 31, 2015

A quiet update!

Not much is happening this week.  If you don't like reading, you're pretty much done with this update now.

For those of you who enjoy the small details, however, here we go!

We finally got the last bits of our product liability insurance fully squared away.  If you've ever seen those warnings on items like, "Do not use hair dryer while in bathtub" or "do not use face to stop chainsaw," that's the kind of gross misuse of products that product liability insurance covers us against. 

On a related note, please do not use our mats as shiruken.  That's not what they are for.

We are still waiting for the factory's purchasing department, accounting department, and everyone else to get their proverbial ducks in a row so we can move forward.

Someone did ask this us a few days ago, "Why do so many places have trouble with magnets the first few times around?"'s because neodymium magnets (like the ones we are using) are significantly more expensive as their magnetic strength increases.  So it can be a huge cost-saving corner to cut, on the end of the manufacturer.

Also, our update for next week may be on Tuesday, rather than Monday, although we can't say for sure right now.  But regardless of which day it is, we will certainly have footage of me (Jerry) holding the smaller tiles that can be used for other board games.  So that's something to look forward to!

The video below says all this, and apologizes for the fact that we are between cameras for the moment at the start.

Bad news & Good news!

We are moving back to frequent video updates, now that we've gotten a bit of breathing room.  Those frequent updates will be on the blog.  Big stuff, like today's update, will be posted here.

Jerry just spent a month at the factory, and here's the TL;DW --- Something beyond our control happened, and production is delayed. (For more information, check out the video below!) The moment we have more details, including a better idea of the exact date, we will inform everyone here. But right now, you know what we do.

The good news is, we're saying "We're sorry about all this!" in the form of a full set of stickers for everyone.  More on that as we finalize the artwork, of course, and those updates will be (like all updates that aren't directly through Kickstarter) on the blog.
Here's a bit more info in video form, for those who have time to listen to all the details: 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Final Stencil Design!

So we've been working a lot, and next Tuesday, we should have plenty of interesting pictures for you guys.  And shortly after that, we hope to resume lots of videos.

But for right now, everything is going well, but we thought we would show the finalized design of the stencils for now:

There should be photographs of this li'l fella next week, along with many of his buddies.  Stay tuned!