Friday, April 1, 2016

More good news!

Here's the video for those who hate text:

Here's the text for those who hate video:

So, with the assistance of Aptus, we have engaged with literally hundreds of factories.  After lots of vetting and help from Aptus, we have narrowed it down to five factories that we are confident that could pull it off---it's now a matter of who could pull it off the *best*.

So this month, Jerry will be visiting facilities in person. At the end of that, and we should be able to pick a factory, and get started with production ASAP.  This means an estimated shipping date will be coming fairly soon!

As soon as we have the estimated shipping date, we will put out a Kickstarter update, to let everyone know where we stand. (And we should be able to show some production-level samples then, too.)

So, thanks for your patience, and thanks for backing us.