Thursday, September 1, 2016

Update 9/1/16 (Good news!)

The short version: Barring any disasters, we are a week or two from starting production!

The Print Samples were Good!

We've been taking pains to make sure that everything is as high quality as possible. This includes what went wrong last time: the printing.  We managed to find people who had worked for this manufacturer before to help us make sure that whatever we printed, it was as consistent as it was humanly possible to print.
This manufacturer makes stuff for big-name board game companies (like Mattel), and their standards were already quite high.  We worked with them to figure out how to get the most consistent print possible, and we were all pleased with the results.
Looks pretty consistent to us!
Looks pretty consistent to us!
The closer to natural light you are, the better it looks.  This was taken in an overcast day, and these particular mats are bent (especially at the bottom of the photo).  Which brings us to our next point:

What's Next?

The factory is making what are called "Master Samples." These are the standard by which the final delivery is judged, in the event of a dispute.  We don't expect there to be any disputes, of course, but these are the sorts of hoops we jump through to work with the best printers we can. 
That should only take another week or two.  Once that is finished, we sign contracts, and they begin production that day.  Exciting times!
The time of production itself should take a couple of weeks, and then there's shipping to us, followed by us shipping to you.  We plan to have some pictures and videos during production.
We'll give definite dates as we have them, but that's the approximate schedule as we know it, ourselves.  You now know what we do about the schedule!

Updating your Address

Don't forget that you can always update your address at   If you can't change it on your order (and some people have that weird bug!), then you can change it on your account itself, and we will notice.

At long last, we are about to have our wonderful beginning.  Thanks for sticking with us through the ups and downs; we intend to make the wait worth it, especially with all the stuff we will be bringing you guys in the future!
So, as always, thanks for reading, and thanks for backing us!