Thursday, December 1, 2016


Factory Shenanigans & Our Attempts

We are, unfortunately, still waiting on the factory to send correct 'Master samples.'  Aptus said months ago that we should be in production by now, but that clearly has not happened. 

We want to assure everyone that we haven't been resting on our proverbial laurels, though.  We have continued to personally reach out to other factories.  One factory in particular has been quite promising.  They specialize in plastics: they went from having a 3D image of a token (one of our future projects) to handing us a production-level sample within 3 weeks. 

During the time we've been waiting on the current factory to produce the Master samples, this other factory (we'll call them the "hopeful factory") has been able to make a materially similar product to the samples we originally gave them.  This is great news.  (We have yet to do the print samples, though, in case we need to explain this later. The materials & feel of the boards, however, is correct.)

So if the current factory doesn't deliver the long-awaited Master samples in the *very* near future, we have what looks like a promising fallback already set up. 

Everyone here at GameNightLife can certainly identify, personally, with the frustration of these delays.  Hopefully, there won't be more.

We hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving holiday, and we hope to bring to you good news of production soon.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks for backing us!

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