Friday, June 17, 2016

Good news!

Hello, supporters of various kinds!

Things have been moving along quite well here. The part that everyone is most interested in, of course, is how the production of mats has been going.

We got the latest round of samples rather late (FedEx had a mixup somewhere along the way).

We finally got to start testing the latest round of samples. And the results could hardly be better.
The erasing surface seems to be spot on. It handles all kind of markers --wet erase, dry erase, and permanent marker. Ink doesn't just come off cleanly after an hour or two. It comes off cleanly (in one swipe for the dry erase) after being left in a car for days in the hot June sun. But it still seems to hold the ink the way it should when in the "closed" position (when you have to move the mats). We'll put up some videos of that soon!

The bottom layers are also just right. It grips the surface of tables extremely well when there's pressure on it (no slipping!), but still "floats" perfectly when you want to move a row of tiles.

The magnets were exactly correct, too! The holding strength was just what it should be---easy enough to pull them apart when you want, but strong enough to hold the tiles together in a sheet.

We are rather excited. The new factories are living up to their reputations so far, and we feel confident that we are moving in the right direction.  The next steps are making sure that the print quality is correct.  That's what the next round of samples will try to show.

After that, we will make sure the cuts are precise.

We have a lot we expect to share in coming weeks, but we thought we'd share this really soon, instead of having a lot of videos at the ready.

Again, thank you all for your patience.  It appears that it will shortly be paying off!

And thanks for backing us!


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  2. Great to hear! I've been telling everyone I know how much I am looking forward to these. Can't wait to show them the real thing! Thanks for the update.

  3. So the project has failed. I invested $75 and got nothing. Just a scam, too bad as this was a very good idea.